What Business Sectors to Start in Thailand

What Business Sectors to Start in Thailand

Are you looking for the opportunity to make a business abroad? Then Thailand might be a good destination to choose. In Thailand, you can make a small business easily. But the important part of it is you have to do the analyzing with your opportunity about how your small business will grow bigger and last for a long term. Here are the lists of top ten business opportunity you can make in Thailand.


People in Thailand are getting busy with their daily activities, so they might have needed a fast preparing food and also, to take away. You can open a fast food restaurant to satisfy the need. Instead of local people, you will also find the tourists, because Thailand, as a tourism destination, have a high demand to travel into, so foreign food also is a good choice to take profit with.


There's a high demand for jewelry products in Thailand, and it becomes one most profitable sector. You might want to start small jewelry business by doing the import things and selling them there.

Web Design

Online marketing in Thailand has grown rapidly as in another area of Asia Pacific, due to the high demand of selling products online, so you might grow your own business too in this sector, especially if you are good with designing websites. You can crave a lot of money on it.

Real Estate

This huge business always becomes one of the most successful business everywhere, as long as human living there. For a start, you can be a selling agent of real estate business. Yes, it is profitable, and the best part is, you don't need a lot of money to become an agent.

Tech Products

It is including the smart phone, digital camera, Notebook, tablets, etc. Thailand has sold abundantly of this product every day. If you have a modality for this, no doubt, get yourself into it.

Automobile and machinery

There's just a few industries have moved on this sector. If you have the ability on repairing a car or selling them as an agent, you will make a lot of profit.

Healthcare services

Thailand people has been increasing their demand in this sector since they health awareness also increasing. Practitioners are in need these days.

Freelance Writing

Related to the increasing web design as mentioned before, writing for a blog, or an article, or business proposal is also demanding sector. You can work it from home as a freelancer, behind your computer.


This business is old, but not perishable. Everybody needs food from the farm; vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, mention it. You can start small with small poultry or farm, and grow it into a bigger farm for next purpose.

Garment and Textile

They produce and sell tons of it, inside and outside of the country. This is a promising and well-growing business on Thailand. The investor has given a lot of their infestations in this sector. You might want to try selling or importing from Thailand, due to the low cost they have.

There's still a lot of sectors to dig into, but this ten opportunity might be promising, and has been tested are on a high demand. You have to decide what sector you want to be in your business, according to your ability and analyzing the market before you really run on it.