Developing Sectors in Asian World

Developing Sectors in Asian World

Asia is home to developing countries. A lot of countries here in Asia are making renovations in its lots of sectors to grow their GDP. The GDP of a country depends upon growth of several sectors. Investors all over the world look for a growing sector in a country to invest. Countries which have large area for cultivation use their land to grow the agricultural land. Some countries like Japan focus on industries like automobile and aerodynamics. Mining and natural resources are also a great source for increasing GDP of a country. Asia is full of all such kinds of blessing. Lots of countries here produce agricultural products while number of other make efforts in other sectors like electronics.

Primary Sectors

Majority of Asian country rely on agriculture and mining sectors. The countries have fertile and arable land to grow lots of vegetable and crops. Many of the countries are full of natural resources which give economy a big blow.

Agriculture Sector

The largest agriculture products are grown in China, India and Russia. The countries are the agriculture kings in the area. China is leading other countries in production of rice. Wheat and corn are also grown in China at large scale. So far as vegetables are concerned, onions and cabbage are produced in the country at high levels. Millet is grown in India and Nigeria. Russia and India are also known for production of beans, barley and rye. Most of the global exports include fish and vegetables of Asian countries. Hence the agriculture sector of Asian countries can be a great platform to invest.

Mining and Natural Resources

Mines and natural resources are among the building blocks of economy of a country. In Asia lots of countries are blessed with mineral and other natural resources used to produce energy in the country. A huge variety of iron, gold, titanium, uranium and zinc are found in Russia. China imported a large sum of mineral in 2003 and 2004 which increased the value of these mines. In the southwest region of Asia, Oil is the most important natural source for growth in the economy.

Secondary Sectors

Numbers of Asian countries have manufacturing units which are great source for increase in GDP of the country. In the region east, lots of countries have manufacturing units which add to GDP of the country. Some of the top ranked countries in this arena are South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Singapore. The industries produce lots of products which range from toys to computers and CD players. Japan stands at peak in the list of automobile manufacturing. In addition textile industry is equally playing its part in lots of countries to grow the GDP of the country.

IT Sector

The software and IT industry has also grown up in last decades in some of developed areas of Asia. Philippine and India are playing active role in keeping their GDP high by working in this sector. Investors have got a new field to improve the growth.